The Three “R’s”
of Supported Living Services


Relationships with family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, people who provide paid support (support staff), and other community members.

What opportunities do people have to develop & expand their relationships?

We can improve people’s opportunities to develop relationships by increasing the time they spend in integrated community settings and by connecting them to community places & activities (like religious activities, social groups, sports activities, hobby groups, volunteer groups, political groups, self-advocacy groups, adult & vocational education, community college, YMCA & YWCA, gyms, aerobics classes, parks & recreation activities, etc.).

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Every person should have the chance to live the American dream… through the use of Person-Centered Planning approaches, roles based planning, self-directed planning approaches, self-determination, self-actualization, assertiveness, creativity, pride & self-advocacy, meaningful relationships, and have access to Assistive Technology.

The right to self-determination is about being the causal agent in your life, not needing to have the capacity to perform every behavior yourself. Enhancing capacity, opportunity, services and supports are the intervention!

  • Did you choose where you live?
  • Did you choose your support person (and have you “fired” them if they don’t work out)?
  • Did you choose your roommate?
  • Did you choose your job or day activity?
  • Did you choose your leisure activity?
  • Do you control your personal money?
  • Do you choose your friends?


We all should have the opportunity to make mistakes and learn from natural outcomes (example: spending all your food money in one week and ending up with little choice over the food you get from the food bank until your next check comes).
Making the rules in your home, but learning to follow the rules in your lease agreement or homeowners association to avoid eviction or possible fees (late fees on late rent checks, etc.)

With choice comes responsibility. There are often outcomes that we must face based on the choices we make. Avenues SLS supports people to understand what potential outcomes are to choices people make, and, so long as the consequences do not impact health and safety, Avenues supports people to be able to learn from their mistakes and move forward.

Utilization, whenever possible, of self-management strategies to enable people to “do for themselves”.
Learning basic social & interpersonal skills as well as learning that being a friend is a give and take process.

Learning how to treat your support staff & others with respect (this helps you to keep the staff you like).

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Avenues SLS is a 501(C) 3 non-profit organization. Your donation will make a difference to the people we support.