Eligibility & Funding

Services are available to people with developmental disabilities who need support to successfully access their community. Individuals who receive support through Avenues SLS may have one or more of the following challenges:

  • autism
  • intellectual disability
  • physical disabilities
  • communication/behavior deficits
  • sensory impairments


Funding for Avenues Supported Living Services services is derived from a variety of sources. Individuals are referred to Avenues SLS and funded primarily by public agencies such as California’s State Regional Center System and In Home Support Services through CDSS. People receiving services typically use SSI/SSDI (if eligible), work earnings and/or private funds to pay for their share of the rent or mortgage, utilities, food, cable, and other personal expenses.
CA State Regional Centers provide the majority of funding for the services Avenues provides.

A small amount of funding comes from Private Pay, Grants, and Donations.

Avenues also assists in connecting and utilizing services through the following generic resources:
• In-Home-Support-Services through CA Dept of Social Services
• Section 8 Housing Vouchers (through City of LA and LA County)

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Avenues SLS is a 501(C) 3 non-profit organization. Your donation will make a difference to the people we support.