Avenues SLS provides Supported Living Services (SLS) and Individualized Day Services to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities who reside in the Santa Clarita and San Fernando Valley areas of North LA County.

Avenues Supported Living Services assist people to coordinate the support they need to live safely in their own homes, access and develop connections within their community, and choose the people and places they spend their time with and about. The “Supported Living Services” that Avenues SLS provides look completely different for each person we support, and are individualized based upon each persons unique needs, skills and preferences.

Supported Living Services include, but are not limited to: Budgeting and bill paying, building healthy community connections,correspondence with official agencies, purchasing skills, assistance with the recruitment, screening, hiring and supervision of personal attendants, community resource awareness, self-advocacy, positive behavior support, mobility training, adaptive social skills, use of leisure time, assistance with home modifications and vehicle modifications, assistive technology and communication devices, interpreters, marital and sexual relationships, parenting skills, training in the selection and use of interpersonal communication skills, 24-hour emergency assistance services, cultivating and maintaining friendships, crafting unique technology care and repair of durable equipment.

Avenues SLS also assists people in the coordination of their IHSS (In-Home-Support-Services) such as: personal health and hygiene, household care and maintenance, bathing, dressing, grooming, eating.

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Avenues SLS Individualized Day Services provide up to five days per week of career planning and community support which can include:

  • Seeking and maintaining a job (paid or volunteer)
  • Enrolling in classes at college or adult school, recreational or hobby classes through local Parks & Rec., YMCA, joining a Gym, etc.
  • Receiving exposure and gaining access to new and preferred community activities
  • Providing structured support during times when the individual is not working

Avenues SLS prides itself on developing person-centered services, and has implemented inclusive, individualized services since its inception in 1993, when we were being mentored by CHOICESS. The level or degree of assistance for these services will be determined by the person’s IPP (Individualized Program Plan) which is developed by the individual and their team of support (including Avenues SLS staff and the Regional Center Service Coordinator). Natural supports and generic community resources will be pursued to decrease dependence on paid supports, although the effectiveness and availability of these resources will be reviewed at least quarterly to ensure that necessary supports continue to be available.

Avenues SLS fully complies with federal Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) regulations, and has supported many individuals to move out of State Institutions and segregated settings into homes of their own, with the support they need to be safe and successful.


Avenues SLS is a 501(C) 3 non-profit organization. Your donation will make a difference to the people we support.