Dr. Kathy Gee is a full-time, tenured Professor in the Masters of Education Special Education Teaching credentials program (MASET) at California State University, Sacramento (CSUS). She coordinates the Specialist Credential in Extensive Support Needs in the Department of Teacher Credentialing. Her areas of expertise include positive behavioral support, inclusive schooling, instructional strategies, assessment, augmentative and alternative communication, and meaningful access to the core curriculum.  Kathy frequently presents at conferences and is often recruited to provide training and professional development workshops on a local, state and national basis related to students with extensive support needs and deaf-blindness. She works closely with regional school districts to improve teacher preparation and to conduct authentic research. Kathy is currently the principal investigator of Project I-TEAM (Interdisciplinary Teacher Education for Access and Membership), a federally funded 5-year project. She has published numerous chapters and peer-reviewed journal articles related to instructional strategies, assessment, students with extensive support needs, inclusive schooling, and educational policy. Most recently, she has published an article in the March volume of RPSD, 2020, and will be published in the June volume of RPSD, 2020. As a previous president of International TASH, she is keenly aware of the issues and needs of children/youth/adults with the most significant disabilities.
Kathy is an inspiration to us, her students, people with the most significant needs & their family members, and to other professionals and researchers for the work she has done and continues to do.  She truly is a person who “walks the talk”, yet humbles the rest of us with her grace and insight when it comes to finding ways to identify the supports people need to be fully included in their schools and communities regardless of the labels they have been given.  She has the gift to simplify teaching concepts in ways that enable the rest of us to implement them in people’s lives.  We are proud to include Dr. Kathy Gee as Avenues SLS celebrates Women’s History Month.