Adrian has been with Avenues Supported Living Services since 1999. Adrian is a quiet but kind individual and he loves to help wherever he can. Over the years, Adrian has found many local organizations he can give back to through volunteering.

Adrian regularly volunteers at The Placerita Nature Center. He helps maintain the park area by picking up trash and keeping the visitor’s area clean. He also volunteers at The Salvation Army, where he collects hangers from the clothing racks. Adrian enjoys volunteering at Help the Children. He helps organize food items that are donated. Adrian takes pleasure in volunteering at St. Bonnies Sanctuary, a rescue and adoption place for animals. When he is there, he walks dogs, plays with the cats and helps to get them ready for families to adopt.

Soles4Souls in another organization most of our Avenues friends volunteer for. The organization receives new and used shoes and redistributes them through direct donations to people in need and through micro-enterprise partners. Adrian helps by assembling flyers walking neighborhoods and passing them out. In Adrian’s free time, he bakes cookies for people with food insecurities.

Adrian is raising money to aid in the Fuel costs associated with transportation to all of his volunteer locations.

You can help Adrian by donating to his fundraising campaign. By texting the word
Fuel 5 to 71777 and make a donation in any amount. You can also donate at the top of the website. Please help Adrian raise money for his volunteer campaign. Donations are tax-deductible and much appreciated. Thank you!